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Jon Martin

Husband, Father, Revenue Operations Consultant, Businessman, Writer

Jon Martin

My life is an overlap of roles. The four most prominent are Husband, Father, RevOps Consultant, and now Writer. 


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I've been married to my wife Sheila since 2008. She has walked with me through many peaks, valleys, joys and sorrows. We have three kids - William, Pierre, and Corlissa


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For the last 11 years, I've had the privilege of holding the title of father. Its brought more joys, challenges, and triumphs than any other title i've held. 


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Revenue Operations Consultant

I'm a Senior Consultant for Process Pro Consulting, a Revenue Operations Consultancy specializing in the HubSpot platform.


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I'm a writer of blogs where I attempt to distill my ideas, questions, and learnings into helpful content that shows you where I have been, am going, and what I am thinking about and learning


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